"During my travels & work in Europe as a professional stage & costume designer & during the years I spent in Paris - I fell in love with the variety of scenery ,old architecture, ancient squares, clock towers of European cities. I am a romantic by nature, love poetry & music - and this is reflected in one way or another in my artwork."

Varya Mcmillan is an abstract impressionist painter based in Northern California.

She  has exhibited her Artwork in  solo & group shows in Europe & USA in cities like - Paris, Vienna, Budapest , Luxembourg, Sofia, San-Francisco, Sacramento, Sonoma, Los Altos among others.

Movement, energy & the use of vibrant colors  are essential components in her paintings.  


McMillan received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria, where she majored in Stage and Costume Design.

After being awarded a scholarship to the International City of Arts, she spent two years in Paris, France. This two year period was seminal in Varya's artistic development.

In Paris she encountered and collaborated with artists and musicians from all over the world, expanding her artistic horizon even further. She also encountered the original works of Matisse, Picasso, Cézanne, Klee, Hundertwasser and Rodin. The abstract and impressionistic approach of these artists resonated strongly with her. During this period her own artwork was included in a major group show of contemporary Bulgarian artists at the Grand Palaise in Paris, France.


Varya works in oil & acrylic.

 Her style is impressionist. Favorite subject matter includes cityscapes, landscapes & figures.

Varya’s palette consists of bold & rich colors used in layers which has become her trademark over the years. Movement & energy  are  essential components in most of her paintings.

 All her paintings are done on gallery wrapped canvas, designed to be hung  without frame.(They may, of course be framed in contemporary floater or any other frame to meet the needs of the collector)


Between 1980-2000, Varya McMillan’s paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Europe - Sofia, Vienna, Luxembourg, Paris among others. 

After 2000 in USA - Sacramento, Las Vegas , Los Altos, San-Francisco among others.

2000-2016 her artwork has been represented by Cohen- Abee Gallery in San-Francisco


Wittgenstein Art Center, Vienna, Austria 

National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Municipal Art  Museum, Sofia, B-a

Museum of  Modern  Art, Dobrich, B-a

Theater “Sofia”, Sofia, B-a

Board of “ Education and Culture “, Sofia, B-a

International Endowment  “Peace and Art”, Sofia, B-a

  • Public Library, Sofia, B-a